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Que Triste Es El Primer Adios

time goes by
i’m telling myself we’ll be fine
myself is telling me it’s ok
we’ll better anyway
but i can’t really feel it
‘cuz all my inside it’s upside down
it’s a fuckin mess inside my head
my emotions don’t really
sems to match with my face
and i tell the world i’m ok
i’m extremelly ok
it’s sickening and disturbing
how much i’m laughing this day
and i don’t even feel
like in a really beautiful day
where the birds sings
and the flowers dances with the wind
i’m being a completly fake
‘cuz i’m far from being ok
and i don’t want to admit it
‘cuz in a way everything it’s ok
see how this is all a mess?
i’m far from being ok
and it makes it harder
know that he’s out there
with somebody else
why i torture myself like that?
why i even bother to find out
if his is fine?
trying so hard to like him
trying so hard to be notice
trying so hard to be the best
he’ll ever have
but i’m only trying
to get what i want
this feeling it’s not real
is another obsession
covering with tears
another excuse to hurt myself
and being heart broken again
it’s my favorite thing
‘cuz i don’t love me enough
and don’t deserve to be love
this unpeaceful soul
shouldn’t find love
and if i ever do..
it’s certainly not in you
as much as that truth hurts…
i would never be with you

disculpen las faltas de ortografia i asi.. me salio en la madrugada super piña i asi.. esta bn menso ekis… ahhhh xD hahahaha me arde mi brazo xD pero "i’m fine" :D

"no se por keeee se terminooo.. era de genial era de lo mejor!!! que triste es el primer adioooos!! XD" hahahaha dehenme xD



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