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Buried Myself Alive

All i feel is the pain of a fighting starting of again…!!!… why oh my bloody god..!!! why i feel this!… everything would be easier if i just erase this feeling i feel… i don’t know… but i know what i feel, n that scare me the hell out of me!… or w/e!.
"When u r around, everything else dissapear, n theres only u, but ur eyes wont ever look at me at the same way. U r a spot i refuse take out, come n clean the mess u’ve turn my life… Make my dead easier n just leave me bleeding 4 u..!"
That mr.s and mrs.s… is kind of what i feel… and it’s fucking hard keeping that inside of me, it’s eating me apart!.. and i can’t take it!!! … so tell me what u want ‘cuz i will give u anything, tell me what u need n i’ll go get it, i’ll give up all these dreams 2 have u in my arms right now… i’ll give up everything  and i’ll go get it!.
if u ever heard the song Wounded of my husband Benji Madden… that’s the way i feel… i’m really really messed up!…  i wish i really wish this feeling go away… but i can’t just ignore it!… instead.. he ignores me!..
U know what!!!… w/e! who cares!!! almost about 3 years alone, he’s not gonna bother me!… i hope.!!!
Take care n.. plz ignore this… like i ignore my feelings… n just like he ignores me…

εїз мя§.¢hμ¢кſә§-кΐđ ύΐCΐoμ§


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